Welcome to the Team, Joe Rea-Dickins!

We are very happy to announce that Joe is now a part of our European team!

You’ve probably seen Joe about the web or in some magazines. He’s already had articles in Kayak Session, CKUK, Himalayan Whitewater and The Paddler. He’s also had plenty of articles on the Team Pyranha blog.
He has also produced many a great video edit. His feature length film ‘High’ raised £1,030 for a small women’s empowerment charity in Gilgit, Pakistan. All his videos can be found on Joe’s Vimeo.
Joe was also a part of the 2011 British Uni Exped team which explored Venezuela.

Salto Punguila, Venezuela
griffs gash

For 2014 and beyond, Joe has taken up a position at The Outdoor Journal, based in Delhi, India. He will also be returning to the Meghalaya region of India. He’s also planning trips to South Asia, the Himalayas and surrounding areas.
We’re looking forward to Joe getting back to the UK and trying out his new gear. His last IR cag lasted him from age 15 to 20, so let’s hope the new stuff lives up to its great reputation.

I’ll leave you with two of Joe’s most recent videos.

Thanks to Dan Rea-Dickins, Rob Moffat and Chris Korbulic for photos.

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