Spray decks have one purpose – to keep water out of your boat. Choosing the right spray deck involves three considerations:

  1. Deck Type: There are three types of decks – basic bungee, advanced bungee, and rand style decks.
  2. Cockpit Size: The size of your cockpit rim will determine what size deck will fit best.
  3. Tunnel size: The part of the deck you’ll be wearing. Your waist size will determine the best fit.

Spray Deck Types

Basic bungee decks:

The Shockwave and J-lo skirts use a low tension bungee to make these decks easy to put on a boat. Basic bungees offer a great balance of value and performance for beginner-intermediate paddlers.

Advanced bungee decks:

The Klingon and Klingon Empire decks use a high tension bungee, hard wearing materials, and a neoprene flange that extends past the bungee to make these decks extremely dry and long lasting. Advanced bungees are the driest of any IR decks and are great for intermediate-expert paddlers.

Rand Style decks:

The Lucky Charm and Royale decks use a rubber rand instead of a bungee to form the most implosion resistant seal. IR Rand decks use the same hard wearing materials and flange technology as our advanced bungee decks. Rand decks are difficult to put on and aren’t as dry as an advanced bungee but offer unsurpassed implosion resistance. Rand decks are ideal for expert paddlers who regularly run 30ft+ waterfalls, primarily paddle big water class V, and value implosion resistance over dryness.

Cockpit Size

The most accurate measurement for deck fit is the circumference of your rim taken around the outside edge of your cockpit rim. Most common rim circumferences can be found at SkirtFit.com. If your boat is not listed, you can measure it with a fabric measuring tape. If you don’t have a fabric tape, use a piece of string, mark it, and then measure the string. If you’re feeling helpful, submit the measurement to info@immersionresearch.com. It’s a great website that’s helping all spray deck manufacturers.

Metric Medium Cockpit Large Cockpit Xlarge Cockpit XXlarge Cockpit
Cockpit Circumference 203.2cm-215.9cm 216.0cm-231.2cm 228.6cm-241.3cm 241.3cm-254.0cm
Cockpit Sizing Medium Cockpit Large Cockpit Xlarge Cockpit XXlarge Cockpit
Cockpit Circumference 80"- 84" 84" - 90" 91" - 95" 95"- 100"


More tips:

  • If your rim is in-between sizes, tighter will be drier, but harder to put on. If you are running class IV whitewater, we typically recommend tighter.
  • If you paddle a Pyranha Burn 1, Burn 2 or Everest, we recommend a rand deck.
  • Proper deck fit can be a process of trial and error. Have patience.
  • For rims bigger than 100″ see this article

Waist Size

Just use your pants size:

Metric Small Medium Large Xlarge XXlarge
Unisex waist 71.1cm-76.2cm 76.2cm-83.8cm 83.8cm-91.4cm 91.4cm-101.6cm 101.6cm-111.8cm
J-Lo Womens skirt 6 8-10 12-14 16 n/a
Tunnel Sizing Small Medium Large Xlarge XXlarge
Unisex Waist 28"-30" 30"-33" 33"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"
J-Lo Womens Skirt 4 6-8 10-12 14 -