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Arch Rival OX Dry Cag

Regular price £79.00 Sale price £159.00

A practical choice for paddlers seeking a simple, durable dry top.

The shell fabric we chose for the original Arch Rivals was a 200 denier nylon oxford that was inexpensive, strong and bonded really well with laminates. So why change it? Well, oxford fabric has a stiff hand when new, and some customers like a supple hand feel on their garments. We get it- we like that too- so we introduced the 2015 Arch Rival- the same jackets but with a softer nylon shell that is just as strong, just a bit more expensive. But still, we love the oxford. It breaks in like a leather jacket, absorbs very little water, and it looks like you mean business. Best of all, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value in paddlesports. The result? We kept it on board with the moniker “OX”. A great jacket for anyone tough on gear or looking for a great value, or both.

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