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How to Care for a Spray Skirt

Spray skirts are made with neoprene rubber, and have the best possible compromise between ease of use and durability. With proper care, spray skirts can last for many seasons. However, neoprene is still very susceptible to damage under certain circumstances. Here are some tips to help extend the life of your spray skirt:

    • Keep your paddle shaft from hitting the skirt. Repeated blows to the edge of the skirt will cause it to tear.
    • A hard blow from a rock will also tear the skirt. We understand that impact with rocks is a frequent occurrence in river running. be mindful that these events can cause damage to your spray skirt.
    • After use in saltwater or chlorinated pool water, neoprene should be rinsed with fresh water.
    • For durability reasons, your neoprene skirt is surfaced with nylon fabric. While nylon is stronger than polyester, it will fade when exposed to UV light. This is only cosmetic damage but can be prevented with use of a UV blocking agent such as “303 Aerospace Protectant®”. Do NOT use Armor-All® on your skirt.

IR can repair skirts for a reasonable fee. Please see our repair and maintenance page for more information.

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