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Caring for Your Dry Wear

Immersion Research dry wear is made from waterproof/breathable fabric, neoprene and latex. With proper care, these garments can last many seasons. However, these materials are very susceptible to damage under certain circumstances. Here are some tips to help extend the life of your Immersion Research Dry Wear.

  • Brush socks and shorts or pants clean of debris before entering a dry suit.
  • Always wear shoes over your dry suit socks. Do not walk around in dry suit socks without shoes.
  • Do not expose any part of the dry wear to sunscreen, insect repellent, or oils. These contaminates will lead to premature fabric and latex failure.
  • After use in saltwater, your dry wear should be rinsed in fresh water.
  • After each use: hang dry wear inside out to dry, when dry, lightly brush inside of suit to remove sand and other debris. After the inside of the garment is dry turn right side out and let the outside of the suit dry and lightly brush the outside of the suit to remove sand and dirt.
  • After the garment is completely dry store loosely folded in an airtight bag to reduce exposure to ozone; the main contributor of latex gasket failure.
  • Dry suit zippers should be closed for storage.
  • Dry wear should be stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment like a closet.
  • Do NOT hang for long term storage. Hangers can damage the neck gasket causing premature gasket failure.
  • Do not store dry wear wet or damp.
  • Wash your dry wear seasonally (or when soiled) with a cleaning product designed specifically for use with waterproof/breathable fabric such as Gear Aid ReviveX Pro Cleaner available from Immersion Research.
  • Latex neck gaskets can be trimmed to make them larger, but do so carefully, making as even a cut as possible following the trim lines. Remove one ring at a time. You can always remove more rings if needed but you can’t put them back on.
  • Trimmable wrist gaskets can be identified by rings on the inside of the gasket. You can see an example of that here>> If your gaskets do not have these rings DO NOT TRIM your wrist gaskets! 
  • All latex gaskets will need to be replaced at some point. Immersion Research can replace gaskets for a reasonable fee.
  • If you have a TiZip Zipper (2017 and older suits) follow these instructions: TIZIP MasterSeal 10 zippers need to be lubricated on the docking end from time to time. Please use the original TIZIP lubricant. Carefully apply over the docking end surfaces on front, back and inside where they connect to the zipper chain. Repeat before long term storage leaving the slider closed and whenever the area is dry during use.
  • If you have a YKK Zipper (2018 and newer suits) follow these instructions, YKK Aquaseal Zipper Maintenance
  • Immersion Research Dry Wear is made to stand up to the rigors of whitewater use, however, impacts with rocks, sharp sticks, thorns, etc can and will damage your dry wear.
  • Immersion Research has a full time staff dedicated to repairing garments. If you think your dry wear needs to be repaired or if you have any other questions or concerns please create a new ticket.

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