Ordering IR Products in Europe

Orders placed through the immersionresearch.eu website ship from our warehouse in UK. We try to maintain a stock of our most popular items in the UK, and we are sending new inventory from the US almost every week.

If you order an item that is not in-stock in the UK, we will place it on the next shipment going to the UK. Delivery times between the US and UK are generally around 7 business days, so even if what you’re looking for is not in stock we can usually have it at your door in around four weeks. We will not charge any additional duty for backorders. The price on the site is the price you pay.
If you order multiple items with some items in stock in the UK and others shipping from the US, we will consolidate your order in the UK before shipping it to you, unless you contact us to make other arrangements.

Note that all customer orders in the EU are sent from our warehouse in the UK- we do not ship directly to EU customers from the US warehouse.
If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us at eusales@immersionresearch.com