Onot river in siberia

It seems , that russia has a deeper effect on me, cause i joined a trip to siberia now for the third time. There are some reasons, why this is easy to explain. The rivers and the landscape are just awesome. This summer we went out to explore the onot river in the lake baikal area, which was only run by two groups before us. And they left some stuff for us which wasn´t run so far.

After we managed to get to the river, which took us one day in the plane, one day in the car and one day in a big military truck, we weren´t able to paddle just from the start. In the beginning the onot is a pretty small river and was to shallow to paddle it, so we have to walk more in the river than paddle it.

But in the end we found amazing whitewater and could manage to first decent some unrun gorges and waterfalls. It´s an eight day multitrip, so you have to bring all your stuff in the boat. Of course there will be no lack of Vodka and mayonnaise when you travel with russian friends. What i can recommend you for sure is to bring a drysuit. Of course my supermodel did a great job to keep me dry and warm.

All in all a great trip with a really expeditional character and a great group of people. You should have a look on Tomass Marnics guiding trips. It´s really worth it…

Enjoy some pictures!

Cheers Timo

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