Gasket Replacement

It’s a sad fact about latex gaskets: sooner or later they dry out and tear. When they do, though, IR is ready to help.

The IR gasket replacement program

If the IR garment is less than a year old, we will replace the gaskets for free.
After a year, we replace gaskets on IR garments at the following rate:

  • Neck Replacement: 40.00$
  • Wrist Replacement: (each) 15.00$,  $30 for both
  • All gaskets replacements (neck/wrists): 50.00$
  • Ankle Gaskets: (single gasket) 20.00$,  40.00$ for both
  • Booties: (single gasket) 35.00$,  $70 for both
  • All gasket replacement for Drysuit, w / latex ankles gaskets: $75.00
  • All gasket replacement for Drysuit, w / latex socks: $85.00

If you would like us to replace the gaskets on your IR garment there is no need to call us (unless you want to chat)- please fill out a return authorization form here. You will get detailed instructions on how to send your garments to us. You can specify what gaskets you would like us to replace. We will contact you when we get the garment to arrange payment.

If you have a non IR garment, we would encourage you to contact the manufacturer about gasket replacement. 

Do It Yourself Videos:

If you are up to the task, here are the videos to help you do the repair at home. We sell everything you need to do this here

IR Customer Service TV 6 from John Weld on Vimeo.

IR Customer Service TV 8: replacing your neck gasket from John Weld on Vimeo.

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